Vol. 5 Num 272 Thu. March 03, 2005  

Bikalpa Dhara concerned over rise of fundamentalism

Leaders of Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh yesterday expressed their grave concerns over the continuous terrorism, corruption, anarchy, and rise of fundamentalism, including frequent bomb blasts and a famine-like situation throughout the country.

While speaking at a three-day meeting of the national executive committee, they said although the government has always been denying the activities of the militant outfits in the country, it has finally banned two such militant organisations recently acknowledging the fact.

The meeting decided to organise different demonstration programmes throughout the month of March protesting the price-hikes of essentials and government's failure in making any headway into the repeated bomb and grenade attacks across the country.

Major(retd) Abdul Mannan, Prof. Dr. MA Mannan, M R Barua, Maj. Gen (retd) MA Halim and Mahi B Chowdhury addressed the meeting among others.