Vol. 5 Num 272 Thu. March 03, 2005  

Tengratila Blowout
Body to determine compensation

The government has formed a four-member committee to determine the amount of compensation to be claimed from Niko, responsible for Tangratila gas field blowout.

Energy and Mineral Resources Division, after reviewing the report of the enquiry committee on Tengratila accident, recommended formation of the committee.

State Minister for Energy AKM Mosharraf Hossain said that the enquiry committee mentioned that the layer contained one BCF (billion cubic feet) gas, but did not elaborate how much gas was burnt.

"That is why the new committee has been formed to determine the quantum of gas burnt," he said.

Kazi Shahidur Rahman, a senior general manager of Environment and Safety Division of Petrobangla, has been made chief of the four-member committee.

Other members are Sylhet gas field managing director Rahman Morshed, Petrobangla's DGM Akkas Ali and a representative of Niko.