Vol. 5 Num 274 Sat. March 05, 2005  

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Kachher Manush: A story of two women

The launching of the new mega serial Kachher Manush, the latest venture of actress-turned-director Afsana Mimi, was held at the Xindian restaurant Thursday last.

"Apart from reflecting the present socio-cultural scene, the serial mainly deals with relationship between people. It focuses on the psychological dilemma people have to go through in their everyday life. We wanted to portray the reality based on relationship that every single human being faces today. The subject is absent in most of the television plays of the time," said Afsana Mimi about the theme of the serial.

Mustafa Kamal Syed of ntv and Muhammad Moniruzzaman Munir of Deshi Music and Entertainment also spoke on the occasion. The actors and background artistes of the serial were present at the event.

Made under the banner of Krishnachura and Deshi Music & Entertainment, the all-star-cast serial features Subarna Mustafa, Sanjida Priti, Humayun Fareedi, Alamgir, Mamunur Rashid, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Salauddin Lavlu, Shams Shumon, Intekhab Dinar, Farhana Mithu, Bonya Mirza, Rozi Siddiqui, Amirul Haque Chowdhury, Jamal Uddin Hossain, Sharmili Ahmed, Dilara Zaman, Saleh Ahmed, Al Mamun, Zahid Hossain Shobhon, Shirin Bakul, Tanima Ahmed, Romana Khan and some upcoming artistes including the members of the underground band, Black--Tahsan, John and Tonny, Sumaya, Azra, Bona and Promit.

Based on the novel of the same name by Shuchitra Bhattacharya, Afsana Mimi and Nazrul Islam jointly wrote the script for the serial. The panel of directors includes Amlan Biswas apart from the two scriptwriters. The theme song is written by Debashish Kankon and composed by Bappa Majumdar. Popular singer Samina Chowdhury has rendered the theme song.

The story revolves around two women from two different generations: a mother and her daughter. People involved with these women are different interesting characters who are also related to each other. Gradually the characters become more and more detached from one another. They find themselves all alone at the end of the day. The play is a saga of self-actualisation of these lonely people.

About selecting the story Mimi said at the launching, "I have found all the elements in the novel a mega serial should have in its story."

Afsana Mimi added, "Subarna Mustafa plays the central role as the mother and Sanjida Priti the daughter; both their lives revolve around the same two men, played by Alamgir and Humayun Fareedi."

The 150-episode mega serial will be telecast on ntv from March 11 every Thursday and Friday at 8:20pm.

Priti and Subarna Mustafa, the two women of Kachher Manush