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Mino and the International Women's Day
How many International Women's Day we should celebrate before the harassment of hapless women at the international airports can be stopped ?
We all hear about the harrowing tales of hundreds of poor

BNP's problems
The BNP's forward planning leading to the next general elections is strewn with increasing problems, as the party leaders grapple desperately with the changing situations in the politics of the times.
Only for a month?
We have observed the day with due respect and our heart-felt gratitude. The month is over and soon we will forget the teachings of this month.

'Why this loss?
The letter 'Why this loss?' by Mr. Habibur Rahman (March 2) drew my attention.
An appeal to Sheikh Hasina
Through the letter column of your daily, I wish to request the hon'ble leader of the opposition, Sheikh Hasina, to consider calling off the hartal scheduled on March 27 for the following reason: March
ACC and 24th BCS
Why I am writing to a daily about an issue over which it has no command needs to be clarified first and it is that in present Bangladesh every institution of a democracy except the press media has already
Overbridge at Airport Road
The Airport Road is becoming busier day by day. Vehicles ply this road at a very high speed from the Banani rail-crossing up to the airport. There is only one overbridge at Nikunza.
Frequent hartals
We, the citizens of Bangladesh, are very much shocked to see frequent hartals. Hartals paralyse the normal life of people. Opposition parties call hartal when something goes wrong.
Poor technical maintenance
The DS report (Mar 5) on poor maintenance in BR (Bangladesh Railway) is an old story, retold many times.
Is our education system appropriate?
I have no experience of writing for a newspaper. But I feel like writing. As a university student it is my responsibility to be aware of different important things of the world.
It's our headache
An intelligent family head does not generally disclose his family or home secrets to outsiders, as it may harm the family or home this or that way.
Hate crime...
I'm writing against the views expressed in the letter titled 'Don't Cry For the Criminals' published in your February 26 issue.

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