Vol. 5 Num 286 Thu. March 17, 2005  

'Globalisation needs proper evaluation'

Speakers at a roundtable yesterday called upon the government to evaluate globalisation properly before signing any permanent agreement.

They said if the merits and demerits of globalisation are not adequately evaluated, it may create serious impact on our national economy.

The roundtable was organised by Panos South Asia at the Brac centre in the city.

Two articles, written by noble laureate Amartya Sen and prominent economist Rehman Sobhan, were read out at the roundtable for discussion on the topic.

The articles were published in 'The Little Magazine' in India.

Antara Sen, editor of the magazine, took part in the discussion.

The speakers said globalisation has two sides- one to find new market and the other to lose its own market.

They, however, observed that it is very difficult for a country like ours to survive without being integrated into the outside world.

Moderated by Afsan Chowdhury, director of Advocacy and Human Rights Unit of Brac, the roundtable was participated by Sajjad Zahir, Pratik Kanjilal, Dr Shahidul Alam, Ahmed Swapan, S M Shah Alam, and Kudrat Elahi.