Vol. 5 Num 292 Wed. March 23, 2005  

Chayanika a promising director

Chayanika Chowdhury's mission is to offer quality productions to television audiences. So far she has written 25 scripts and directed 16 television plays, including tele-films and a drama serial. Her recent ventures are Dui Bon by Rabindranath Tagore, a special drama on Rabindranath Tagore's birth anniversary and Ek Guchcha Rajani Gandha.

Among the noteworthy television plays she has directed are Shesh Belay, Ananda Bedona, Ek Jiboney, Bhalobashi, Tomakey Chhuye, Chhotto ei Jibon and many more. Pothey Pothey Choltey Choltey, a drama serial will soon be aired on channel i.

"I try to make quality productions within a limited budget, " says Chayanika.

Recalling the earlier years, she says, "I used to read a lot in my leisure. As my husband Arun is a writer and journalist, I used to read his stories and scripts." When Chayanika wrote a script titled Bodh in 1995 based on our Liberation War, she wanted Arun to see her script. She said, "He discouraged me by saying that he wanted me to be confident about my creativity and he did not want me to be dependent on him. I can realise that it was a blessing in disguise for me, because his inspiration paved my way as a director."

About her donning the mantle of a director she said, "I was very curious about the directorial side. Whenever I accompanied my husband to the shooting spots I used to observe the minute details of his direction. Besides, I took interest in watching world famous movies."

Chayanika recalls the play Ek Jiboney, which was aired on BTV and featured her sister Tamalika Karmokar, Shahed Sharif Khan and Tazin Ahmed. "The story was based on the true story of my housemaid who had to give away her child for adoption. When the foster parents offered money in exchange, the mother remarked that she couldn't imagine selling her child. I was moved by this statement and instantly wrote the story. I got the Cultural Reporters Award 2003 as the best director, for the play," she says.