Vol. 5 Num 295 Sat. March 26, 2005  
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Govt not sincere about CHT treaty, says Larma

Parbatya Chattagram Jono Sanghati Samity (PCJSS) Chairman Jotirindra Bodhipriya Larma alias Shantu Larma yesterday said BNP-Jamaat led four-party alliance government is doing nothing to implement the Chittagaong Hill Tracts (CHT) Peace Treaty.

He said, "After coming to power, BNP led alliance government committed that they would implement the CHT treaty, but we have not seen any sign of sincerity of the government," the former guerrilla leader told BDNEWS correspondent at the rest house of the CHT Regional Council office in Dhaka.

Shantu Larma, also chairman of CHT Regional Council, said, "We are following the national politics of the country. Rights of the Jhumma (hills) people will not be established until a democratic, non-communal and progressive government comes to power".

"Due to repeated acts of repression on hills people, their back is pushed to the wall," he said adding, "Jhumma people will have no other options but to retaliate because everyone has the right to live like a human being."

Shantu Larma said the CHT treaty was signed during the tenure of Sheikh Hasina government in 1997 to resolve the problems in hilly areas.

"The then government had the sincerity to implement the treaty. But due to opposition from a quarter of Awami League leadership, the past government could not implement the fundamental provisions of the treaty including implementation of the land commission and withdrawal of temporary security camps," he observed.

Shantu Larma said as per the provision of the CHT treaty, members from the hill tracts would be made full minister of the CHT affairs ministry and chairman of the CHT Development Board.

But, the present prime minister herself is performing responsibilities of the ministry by appointing a deputy minister and a non-hill tracts man has been appointed as the chairman of the CHT Development Board, he said, adding, "All these are anti-treaty activities."