Vol. 5 Num 295 Sat. March 26, 2005  
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Back from Brunei devastated

An expatriate Bangladeshi businessman yesterday alleged that the Brunei immigration forcibly sent him back to the country and that the Bangladesh Mission in Brunei did not help him in this regard.

MM Rahman, former managing director of Madina Overseas Private Ltd., a recruiting agency in Brunei, said he had so far spent at least Tk 1 crore in business and for filing cases and will now face a severe financial loss unless the government helps him.

According to him, through legal documents he paid 1,10,000 Singapore dollars (about Tk 36 lakh) to Caresan Realty and Management, a company registered in Brunei, for providing jobs 88 Bangladeshi workers in a construction firm in 2001.

But at the final stage of the process, Paradise International, another Bangladeshi recruiting agent, illegally gained the contract paying Caresan Realty and Management a higher sum, Rahman alleged.

He told journalists that he filed a case against the company with a magistrate court in Brunei and appealed to the Bangladesh High Commission there and Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training in Dhaka to look into the matter.

"But I was given no solution, no compensation; on the contrary, Paradise International continued its business without any interruption," Rahman said.

Rahman eventually left manpower business and began a department store in Brunei while running the case. "Since then I have always helped the Bangladeshi workers there and have been vocal against the malpractice of recruiting agencies, for which other recruiting agencies now consider me as their enemy," he added.

The hearing of the case was scheduled for June 16 to 20 this year. "Sensing that the verdict would go in my favour, the Brunei immigration, in connivance with Caresan, compelled me to come back home without giving any reason," he alleged.

The immigration even detained him for at least five hours, he said. "The Bangladesh Mission in Brunei did not provide me with any help despite my appeal."

MM Rahman demanded that the government take immediate measures and help him recover the huge financial loss.