Vol. 5 Num 295 Sat. March 26, 2005  
Front Page

Highway robbery on rise in South-West

Increased highway robberies in the South-Western regions have made transportation of passengers and goods especially at night risky.

Despite the anti-crime steps like installation of close circuit cameras and intensified patrol by law enforcers, robbers are conducting daring hold-ups, leaving passengers and drivers utterly helpless.

During the last three weeks, ten daring highway robberies were committed in the region, police said.

On March 12 night, robbers looted a truck-full of rice, money and wrist-watches from the driver, helper and rice trader. The same night, the gang looted Tk 15,000 from a filling station at Kaliganj in Jhenidah district.

On March 13 night, armed robbers snatched a Khulna-bound mustard seed carrying truck, injuring the driver, helper and a trader at Agmundia near Jhenidah town. The same night, armed robbers looted money, gold and other valuables worth over Tk 5 lakh from a Dhaka-bound passenger bus on Jhenidah-Magura road.

On March 16, at noon, nine passengers of a Khulna-bound coach at Khajure on Jessore-Magura highway came under attack by armed robbers. An angry mob caught hold of six robbers and gouged out their eyes while four robbers of the same gang escaped with 30 cell phones, 30 tolas of gold ornaments, Tk 50 lakh and other valuables, leaving nine passengers injured.

To contain highway robbery, police patrol has been intensified, said a senior officer of Khulna police.

Besides, there is a plan to set up police camp every 40 kilometre on Dhaka-Khulna road, he added.