Vol. 5 Num 302 Sat. April 02, 2005  

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Khanda Chitra

Framing the details of everyday life

The pessimists may say that life is not a bed of roses, but there are many who believe it is an exciting adventure. The melange of happiness and sorrow, says this school of thought, enriches life. But do we really observe every minute detail of our daily life?

Apparently it is now widely believed that these diminutive incidents of our lives that we often look down have a great impact on us. With this philosophy as a cornerstone, Monir Hossain Jibon will launch his new 13-episode drama serial Khanda Chitra.

The shooting began on March 5 at Gazipur. "First day first take" of the shooting depicts three girls going to school after receiving blessings from an elderly person. This is the trademark of Monir's work, which attempts to delineate different educational and social issues. In his words, "I feel comfortable working on the lifestyle of the masses. Many small incidents occur everyday in our society that havm their own distinctive value. I have just tried to portray thesm elements in my new venture."

So what's new about the story? Monir, the director as well as the playwright of the serial, replies, "It's not a typical play. Rather it will be a miniscule analysis of events occurring in society." The story revolves around an educated innocent villager and a singer, Ratul, who inspires his fellow people with the spirit of class revolution. As a result, he is targeted by the evil sections of society. But as the truth will eventually emerge, the innocent villagers realise the identity of their enemies and stand united in their opposition to the evil elements.

There are other facets of the serial: Ratul's rendition of songs grips a famous music director. With the director's help, Ratul's call for unity reaches every corner of the country.

"Almost 10 episodes of the serial have been shot so far. Hopefully, the shooting will be completed by end of March," asserts Monir. The actors in this serial are Mir Sabbir, Dipa Khandokar, Pallab, Nisha, Saleh Ahmed, Sirajul Islam and others. Khorshed Alam Chowdhury does the camera work while Maksud Jamil Mintu is the music director of the serial. Made under the banner of Swadhin Chalachchitra and CD Plus, the serial will hit the national TV channel, BTV, soon.

A scene from the drama serial Khando Chitra