Vol. 5 Num 312 Tue. April 12, 2005  

Q & A
" I'm the lady-cadre from 69" -- Tinni
Tinni is an upcoming talent in TV serials, and a familiar face in drama serial "69". Her spontaneity, facial expressions and non-method acting have already fetched her a fan following among the young generation. She's the perfect girl-next-door, yet more. Let's have a look at the real Tinni.

How did you get into modelling?
I participated in the Anondodhara Photogenic 2002 pageant and I was fifth runner up. I also won the title, Sunsilk Miss Beautiful Hair, in that pageant. After that I began getting offers to model. I was always interested in modelling and hence I started my career on the ramp.

How did you become an actress?
In May 2004, my mentor and source of my inspiration designer Emdad Haque-- suggested that I should begin acting. He asked me to contact Mustafa Sarwar Faruqui, the director of the drama serial 69. I did just that, but I was not at all sure that I would be cast in 69. I was literally shocked when the cast was announced and I got to know I was going to play Dipa in the serial.

Do you relate to the character Dipa?
Somewhat. Dipa is tomboyish, very cultural, loves modelling and she's crazy about love. That pretty much sums up my personality. However, Dipa can be physically aggressive and she's also an extrovert. I don't have those attributes in my personality.

What are the three essential things for you if you are marooned on an island?
My boyfriend, music and movies. Exactly in that order.

Who are your idols?
Where modelling is concerned, Cindy Crawford. Among the actors, definitely Shabana Azmi.

Your dream role?
Ashalata in Tagore's Chokher Bali. I did play Ashalata in our school production of Chokher Bali, when I was a student of RK Mission School in Kolkata. This might sound funny, but I'd be interested in playing any aristocratic housewife from a Tagore play. I just love the way they dressed up and their exquisite ornaments.

What scares you the most?
People. People can befriend you, yet sometimes deceive you, gossip about you and bring you down. And tiktikis, definitely tiktikis.

An interesting incident that still makes you laugh.
I was shopping at Chandni Chawk, when this fan came up to me and asked for my autograph. After he got my autograph he went back to his friends and told them, "That's the lady-cadre from 69". I remembered then, in 69, my character asks her husband to remove her veil on the wedding night and her husband tells her, "you're a lady-cadre."

The sweetest thing about you.
I'm too friendly.

The worst thing about you.
I'm too friendly.

What is your most recent work?
I just finished shooting for the film Made in Bangladesh.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
On the cover of a magazine, with my daughter.