Vol. 5 Num 317 Mon. April 18, 2005  
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Boycotting lawyers agitate outside Faizee's court

The lawyers, who have been boycotting the court of Additional Judge Faisal Mahmud Faizee to protest his joining the High Court bench, yesterday demonstrated outside the courtroom to avoid unpleasant situation.

The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), which is spearheading the protest, took the decision to shift the place of their demonstration following Saturday's scuffle between two opposing groups of lawyers at Judge Faizee's court.

About a hundred lawyers led by the SCBA president took part in a half-an-hour sit-in in front of the Annex Building from 10:00 am yesterday. The pro-government lawyers, who have been supporting the additional judge, meanwhile held demonstration in front of SCBA president's office against the association's decision of boycotting Faizee's court.

After Faizee joined the bench on April 10, the SCBA leaders had requested him not to perform judicial tasks until the issue of his LLB certificate is resolved.

SCBA President Advocate Mahbubey Alam during yesterday's sit-in announced that they will demonstrate at the same venue at the same time every day against Faizee's presence at the bench.

"We do not want any unpleasant situation at the courtroom," Alam said adding, "We have changed the venue in view of the chaotic situation at the courtroom for the last few days. We believe such incidents have undermined the image of the Supreme Court. And we simply cannot let that happen anymore."

He said that they [SCBA leaders] went to Faizee's courtroom on Saturday to request him not to sit on the bench until the allegations of certificate tampering are proven wrong. "But we were kept from conveying the request to him," Alam said.

"For the sake of the Supreme Court's dignity, we will keep on boycotting his court, and urge him not to sit on the bench," said the SCBA president.

The SCBA executive committee on Saturday evening decided to request the Bangladesh Bar Council to immediately deal with the certificate issue. The Bar Council last year had issued a show cause to Faizee asking him to explain his position on the allegation of certificate tampering.