Vol. 5 Num 317 Mon. April 18, 2005  

Madrasa teacher killed in clash

A clash between madrasa teachers and students and the locals at a remote village in Beanibazar upazila on Saturday led to death of a madrasa teacher.

The victim is Munir Uddin, 45. At least 20 people including the tea stall owner and students were injured. Police arrested four persons.

Madrasa teachers and students held a demonstration demanding immediate arrest to the killers.

A few students of Jamia Quasimul Ulum Madrasa went to a tea stall at Mewa to take tea in the afternoon. They asked the tea stall owner to switch off the TV while others were enjoying its programmes.

As the owner declined to comply with their order, there ensued hot exchange of word between the TV viewers and the students. However, a few leading people negotiated. But, at about 11 pm, the villagers along and the students attacked the tea stall owner and rampaged the stall.

Locals came to the aid of the tea stall owner. There ensued a clash leaving the madrasa teacher seriously injured. He was rushed to Beanibazar Upazila Health Complex from where he was sent to Sylhet Medical College Hospital. Munir died there in the morning.