Vol. 5 Num 337 Tue. May 10, 2005  

" Even the gentle breeze is my source of inspiration " -- Bachchu
Ayub Bachchu's band, Love Runs Blind (LRB) is one of the hottest bands today. It is also one of the most prolific, with an array of music albums in quick succession.

Bachchu's exceptional popularity can be traced to his vocal skills and magnificent guitar work, which ultimately result in an electrifying performance along with his band members. Ayub Bachchu, the band's founder, was a former member of the band Souls.

Excerpts from a recent conversation with Bachchu:

What is the secret of your success?
I think that the success of my band can be traced to the ability to understand what appeals to the masses. Often we are forced to compromise with popular demand. However, I have reached this status only because of the love and loyalty of my fans, aged from seven-70 years.

What's your opinion about current band music scene of the country?
I think band music is a growing industry today and that an aspiring musician can take it up as a sole profession. However, one must be ready to take risks and learn to be very patient in this line of work.

What is your source of inspiration?
Breeze is a source of inspiration for me. A gush of wind stirs my imagination and sets my creativity in motion. From the gentle breeze I get innovative ideas for my music, my new compositions and even solace in this busy world.

Any weird experience?
There are many. I once received a call from a stranger with a very harsh voice who sought to coerce me into composing his song and singing it as well. The funniest part was the lyrics consisted of only three words: Ami, Tumi and Shey.

Who is your idol?
The legendary guitarist Jimmy Hendrix is my idol. Then comes another great: Joe Satriani. Among the eastern musical personalities I adore and respect the current music whiz AR Rahman and the legendary musician Sachin Dev Burman.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
May be in the footsteps of Jimmy Hendrix.

What is your most cherished possession?
My current love is my Ibanez guitar. The previous one was Gem 77.

Any secret to share?
I am a very emotional and sensitive person. I break into tears any time I am moved by music. However, no one can figure it out.

What is your take on fashion?
I decide my own trends. It may be a simple bandana or a hat or just sporting a shaved head. I never try to copy anyone regarding fashion.

What do you think of today's remix culture?
At first glance, remixes seem fun. However, it is sometimes commercially driven. Anyway I don't want to make any further comment.

If not a singer what would you be?
I would definitely like to be a famous composer of a Royal Orchestra. I would love to perform in a concert packed with 50,000 music aficionados.

Future plans?
Everybody has a dream and I am no exception. I want to start a music school, different from the traditional ones. It will be a school where the students will impart positive and creative elements to music.

Illustration: shiplU