Vol. 5 Num 338 Wed. May 11, 2005  

Music review
Arnab's Chaina Bhabish

Arnab's debut album is here at last. Going by its rich and imaginatively illustrated cover, one expects a moving journey in the world of melody.

In the first track, Amar Hariye Jawa, the music, and vocal improvisation take one into a maze of intertwining thoughts. Chilte Rod-ey which follows simple, sober music was expressed in a slow tempo.

Dhulo has got to be one of the best tracks of this riveting album. The psychedelic flavoured vocal line and music, with plenty of contemporary beats and electronic effects, make this song extremely appealing and ethereal.

The lyrics of Chaina Bhabish appeal as the song hits several octaves. The vocal harmonisation is impressive.

Shey Je Boshey Achey is undoubtedly the catchiest track of all. The tune itself, in the simplest of words, is beautiful!

Brishti Raat-ey and Shopno Rogi are songs, which grow on the listener. The music has been faded out so as to focus on the lyrics.

The song Konodin has a soothing acoustic riff, which is well harmonised throughout the song. The bass guitar work is admirable.

The beats of Bebak Bibagi are contemporary: the sensuous humming of the vocals is well complemented by the creative music composition. Overall, the song gets most listeners tapping their feet.

The song Hariye Giyechi caters to a wide range of audience.

Jetey Hobey has a catchy rhythm, blended well with the electronic instruments. Songs like Akdin, was relatively an ordinary song.

This "earthy" collection was launched by Ektaar Music at Blue Grass Café in Gulshan, recently. Nearly all the upcoming and celebrated Ektaar artistes played and jammed with mesmerising tunes and amazing compositions to greet Arnab's endeavor.

Most albums nowadays, lack a good last track. Listeners were getting used to this trend when Arnab proved otherwise. Chowa Chui was one minute forty-two seconds of sheer brilliance. Every word began with the Bangla alphabet Chha, which was an intriguing phenomenon. This simply defined creativity.

The psychedelic cover of the album