Vol. 5 Num 343 Mon. May 16, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Bangla movie

Have you enjoyed any recently released Bangla movie? You may ask me, "Are you joking?" I think most of you will oppose the word "enjoy". Because the man with a little bit of good taste must give up watching Bangla movies that are mostly story-less, senseless and full of idiotic, useless and unwise physical postures and violence. So it is totally impossible to enjoy. Any way! I am confused about the role of the Censor Board that allows such type of vulgar movies to be exhibited in cinema halls! How is it possible? A sensible man cannot allow such things.

What is the job of the members of the Censor Board?

Are they sleeping? I was very much surprised when I heard that "MATIR MOINA", an artistic movie, was censored but many sleazy movies are being released.

Lots of questions are being raised about the role of the Censor Board. Will it respond to popular queries?