Vol. 5 Num 350 Mon. May 23, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Underground bands: A different view

Thank you, Mr. Mahfuzul Haque, for your letter on "Distortion of Bangla", which was published on 22nd April, 2005. From that letter I came to know that you are very much concerned about Bengali music and also very much angry about what underground bands are doing. Well, I am a big fan of underground bands. I'm not from the aristocratic society and I didn't have English as medium of education. From underground, some big names come out on the stage like Warfaze, Aurthohin, Artcell, Black, Cryptic fate etc and there are a lot of bands which will dominate Bengali music in near future. Nowadays youngsters like those bands. Some underground bands may create some poor Bengali songs, but they are trying to create

new forms of Bengali music. Did you find any pronunciation problem in songs like "Pothchola" of Artcell, "Parthonad" of Black, "Protibad" of Cryptic fate? Are there too much pronunciation problems with bands like Aurthohin or Warfaze? In English and Hindi songs we also find different pronunciations, but those are not destroying their languages. We also find different pronunciations in our very own music like Polligiti, Lalongiti, Baul, Vatiali or folk music, isn't it? I think underground bands need more time to come up on stage and it's better to listen metal songs rather than songs like "jakanaka jakanaka deho dola na", "mon chaile mone pabe deho chaile deho".... etc. So give them some time. They will surely come up with some different views of Bengali music. The world is changing. So why not music? To know more about underground music, please visit