Vol. 5 Num 351 Wed. May 25, 2005  
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Bloated ADP finalised with polls in view

The government has finalised a Tk 25,290 crore outlay, 10.62 percent higher than the current one, for the next fiscal year's Annual Development Programme (ADP) and non-ADP.

Keeping the election in view, this bigger development fund will be spent on 1,372 projects -- 516 of which are new and unapproved. In contrast, this year's ADP has only 330 new projects of the total 1,199.

The National Economic Council (NEC) at a meeting today chaired by the prime minister will approve the outlay.

The next year's ADP has been proposed at Tk 24,500 crore with Tk 17,000 crore in local currency component and Tk 7,500 in foreign currency. The non-ADP development funds of Tk 790 crore will be used through the revenue budget.

The new ADP includes Tk 2,045 crore block allocation against the current Tk 1,812 crore.

"The block allocation will be used to fund the unapproved 516 projects during the next fiscal year," said a planning ministry official.

Although the size of the current development funds was originally Tk 22,860 crore (with Tk 22,000 crore in ADP), this has been revised down to Tk 21,493 crore. The revision will also be approved by the NEC meeting today.

The ADP has been revised down to Tk 20,500 crore. The local currency component has been reduced by Tk 100 crore from the original while the foreign component by Tk 1,400 crore.

The non-ADP development funds of the current fiscal year have been increased to Tk 993 crore from Tk 860 crore.