Vol. 5 Num 375 Fri. June 17, 2005  
Letters to Editor


It is very simple and clear to all that children are the future of country. So they should be groomed up in a balanced way so that they do not become frustrated. All of them should have a destination in life. They should be taught in such a way that they learn to have confidence in themselves. I think in this case the overall environment plays a vital role. In the environment, parents play the main role, than the teachers and others have to help them grow as worthy citizens.

Most of the children are mentally weak due to lack of confidence. They are always afraid of many things. Their confidence must be increased, otherwise they will never become self-dependent. But how is it possible?

At present most of the schools teach children under unbearable pressure. Now it is a common scene that a child's weight is less than that of the text books he or she has to carry. During the time of going to school the child can't bear its school bag and it is carried by someone else. Under such pressure, most of the children lose interest in studies . They are afraid of math, English, Bengali , history etc. I think the pressure should be decreased. Quality is better than quantity. So a huge number of text books are not needed if a few books are used to teach children. Teachers have many responsibilities. They should make study interesting and enjoyable to children. In school most of the teachers like to beat children as punishment. This cruel habit must be given up. Children are not criminals. They obey if they are advised nicely. So beating is unwise.

The relation between the parents is very important for both physical and mental health of a child. If the relation is nice, the child grows up with a healthy state of mind. Finally, children must be given the opportunity to take part in different types of contests.