Vol. 5 Num 382 Fri. June 24, 2005  
Letters to Editor

What a win !

Can you believe it? Bangladesh have won against mighty Australia. When Bangladesh wins any memorable match I cannot help but write to the DS to express my emotions. What a magnificent win for Bangladesh against the world champion at Sofia Garden in Cardiff by 5 wickets! It is the win against rest of the world, it is the victory against those who criticise our cricket, and it is the triumph against the media that insists to take away our test status. Finally it is the success for cricket crazy lovers. Ashraful's tremendous century helped him to come to the limelight again, Aftab's swashbuckling innings brought huge pleasure to the crowd. Let the win be continuous.

* * *

A leading Indian sports magazine, The Sportstar, dated June 4, 2005 published a regular column of Prominent English cricket writer Ted Corbett. In this issue he says, "these tigers are tame" referring to the Bangladesh cricket team. But at last Bangladesh have proved the critics wrong and showed that cricket is a glorious game of uncertainty. The win over the invincible Aussies is an answer to the English media. It's a slap to those who said Bangladesh had no right to play test cricket.

Two days after the match it still seems to me a dream. Could anyone ever see Bangladesh scored 200 for only 3?

It was Ashraful who arguably single-handedly won the match for Bangladesh. An effervescent teenager produced the most exciting ODI innings for his country. I first saw him play cricket in January of 2001 at Bangabandhu Cricket stadium, in a match between Dhaka Metro and Chittagong Division in which he scored a century and took 7 wickets in an innings. Since then I have been a fan of his. Though he hasn't played to his potential always, I've a faith in him. I wish many more centuries would come from his wand. Mortaza, Tapash, Nazmul, Rafique, Bashar, Aftab every one has a fair share of credit of this victory.

I hope Bangladesh will continue to win.

I've a poem dedicated to Ashraful:

Thank you boy
For the joy,
Thank you for
The match we enjoy.

Solaiman Palash East Jurain, Dhaka 1204