Vol. 5 Num 382 Fri. June 24, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Donald standards!

Donald Rumsfeld, in a recent speech in Singapore, lectured China about its military spendings. To further illuminate us, he pointed out, "Since no nation threatens China, one must wonder: Why this growing investment? Why these continuing large and expanding arms purchases?'' Yes, we all wonder why a country, especially when it is not threatened by anyone, spends billions on arms when that money should be spent on the welfare of it citizens. And that brings us right back to Donald Rumsfeld's civilised and peace-loving America.

No other military on earth can match America's military power. America has thousands of nuclear warheads. Clearly that doesn't seem to be enough, so now America is developing mini-nukes, even though no other country has any mini-nuke. America has repeatedly used chemical and biological weapons to kill Muslims, even though these weapons are banned and no other country is using them against America. And to add insult to injury, no other nation has any weapons in space, but America is developing 'space-based interceptors', capable of destroying enemy satellites in space, destroy missiles, or even hit enemy targets on the ground. Maybe Mr. Rumsfeld can tell us why America is putting weapons in space when no other country is doing it. But, of course, we all know way Mr. Rumsfeld is lecturing China. He thinks his country has the right to do anything and everything, but other countries need to get permission from Washington before doing anything!

I would like to point out to Mr. Rumsfeld that there are known weapons, for which there are known budgets; and there are unknown weapons, for which there are unknown budgets. And since many of the top-secret US weapons programmes are unknown, we can only conclude that the US has an unknown military budget. A country like the US, with unknown military budget creates unknown amount of concerns for an unknown number of countries. So it is only natural that these nervous folks will spend an unknown amount of money to counter the unknown threats coming from the unknown strength of the US military. Sadly, this takes the whole military spending issue to a totally unknown level. And that, we know, is a very dangerous scenario!! You got that, Mr. Rumsfeld?