Vol. 5 Num 382 Fri. June 24, 2005  

In conversation with Tania
A versatile talent

Who can forget the strong character of a lady doctor in Humayun Ahmed's feature film Shyamalchhaya, part of a fleeing group, during the Liberation War? She holds together her co-passengers in the boat even as they seek to escape the horrors of the war and look for succor to her.

Nobody ever pays heed to the compassionate doctor's own pain and suffering because she always comforts her co-passengers with a smile on her face until the end of the movie when the journey is almost over. Popular actress Tania Ahmed essayed the role of this powerful character.

Tania launched into her career as a model in 1991, being featured in the commercial of Diamond Brand Hair Oil. Her first TV play was Shamporko, directed by Faria Hossain. In 1997 she won the hearts of many with her portrayal of Moiron in Seku Sikander, under the acclaimed director Saidul Anam Tutul. Later, she acted in many other popular plays, drama serials and commercials.

At present Tania is busy with a number of mega serials and single TV plays on different TV channels, including 69, Belabhumi, Srikanto, Amader Anandabari, Ghunpoka and Shukhnagar Apartment.

Tania has also directed several music videos since 1999. She says, "I wanted to do something creative related to music videos. I try to follow the western style of story based music videos." Her younger brother Rana, an assistant to director Naresh Bhuiyan, helped her develop a script. Thus, Tania appeared as a director of music videos for Jewel, Niloy, Reshad and SI Tutul, which were broadcast on Channel-i on last Eid.

The late model Tinni made an appearance in those videos. Tania says, "She once told me that this was her best performance." Tania, however, regrets that there is no proper evaluation of music videos in Bangladesh.

In 2004, Tania directed the music videos for popular singer Asif's album Uro Megh. In the videos, eminent actor Riaz was featured with a bunch of youngsters.

Tania welcomes the trend of mega serials, as the impact of such plays is much greater than a one-hour play. "Though 13-episode serials, telefilms, using filmi theme songs entertain people; high standards are not always being maintained." -- says Tania. "Low budgets contribute to the making of such substandard plays. The overall production quality of these serials is not good; story and dialogues are weak--it is very alarming." -- she adds.

Tania thinks highly of TV commercials. However, the same cannot be said of ramp modelling. To quote her, " Today there has been a sea change in the ramp modelling scenario. Our culture is not adequately reflected in today's fashion shows. The models blindly follow the westernised styles which is unacceptable."

Tania Ahmed