Vol. 5 Num 382 Fri. June 24, 2005  

Rangchhut: Slices of everyday life on small screen

Good news awaits the fans of Sporsher Bairey. After the wrap up of the popular mega-serial, Shahiduzzaman Selim, actor- turned director is about to stir the small screen with his 26-episode brand new drama serial Rangchhut, an adaptation of Jokhon Charpasher Batigulo Nibhey Ashchhey by Nasrin Jahan. The serial hits ntv on July 12 and will be telecast every Tuesday and Wednesday. Shahiduzzaman Selim recently spoke to this correspondent and unveiled his plans to direct the new serial.

"Nasrin's war epic has a contemporary perspective in Rangchhut," asserts Selim, the playwright and director of the serial. As he continues, "The present plight of the youth, their frustrations and restlessness, and moreover the typical middle class sentiment has been demonstrated in this serial, which ultimately turns into an open book of present times."

Defining the plot, Selim says, "There are three segments in the story. In one of them, a group of four friends represent today's youth. Another segment will show the everyday dilemmas in the life of a man with two wives -- one of whom is mentally imbalanced. The third segment depicts a businessman--cum--politician. Sometimes the segments co-relate with each other."

So why does he adopt the name Rangchhut? "Jokhon Chardiker Batira Nibhey Ashchhey isn't this a big name for a TV serial?" questions Selim and then explains, "There are colourful characters in the serial. But these colours cannot be framed and that's how the name Rangchhut came to my mind, which is in fact taken from a song by poet Rifat Chowdhury."

Will it become another Sporsher Bairey, as both depict the story of middle class society? "No, the plot may seem similar, but Rangchhut is technically more colourful than Sporsher Bairey. This is mostly shot outdoors," says Selim.

And this new serial has a new approach to reality. " I have tried to portray small scenes from life around us. For instance, Aziz Super Market is a place where young people who lead a bohemian lifestyle, get together," says Selim.

He adds, " In terms of technique, this serial is more mature than the previous one. To some extent Sporsher Bairey appears slow but Rangchhut is a faster pace. The latter does not have the traditional style of scripts, rather 60 percent of the work is improvised.

"Rangchhut is a serious drama and it's targeted towards a serious audience. However, I hope this appeals to all.

"The characters are very positive in this serial. It's very difficult to accurately portray our socio-economic condition in these difficult times. Sometimes in this serial I've used some notations and dialogues or a scene through which the audience can interpret everyday reality. I am selective in my choice of subjects. I firmly believe that TV is a wholesome medium, and we shouldn't have any harmful content."

Rangchhut has a good number of known actors like Pijush Bandyopadhaya, Subarna Mustafa, Chitralekha Guha, Masud Ali Khan, Sharmili Ahmed, Intekhab Dinar, Srabonti and others. "Apart from these, I am about to introduce a talented new face. The actor is Shubho. He dons the role of Rahul in the serial. There are two newcomers: Sheoti and Milon. I strongly believe that they would also be able to draw the attention of people as Sanjida Preeti did in Sporsher Bairey," believes Selim.

Arnab does the title song of the serial.

Subarna Mustafa and Chitralekha Guha in a scene from the serial