Vol. 5 Num 384 Sun. June 26, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Star Cineplex reply

This is in reply to Nayeem Islam's "Cineplex disappointment" that appeared on Friday, 24th June in the Daily Star.

Star Cineplex, the first multiplex cinema theatre in Bangladesh is working through local bureaucracies and red tape to import the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Bangladesh lacks the distributor network found in the developed countries, including our neighbour India and the studios send their films to these countries without the letter of credit, certificate of origin and pre-inspection requirements.

Bangladesh, in addition to having to fulfil all these requirements is not considered a lucrative market with only one Cineplex and is not recognised as a first tier country for the world premiers. Due to delay in customs and red tapes and the lines at Censor Board it takes three to four months before a movie can be released in Bangladesh once it has become available for our market.

Further, while English language films like "Bride & Prejudice" are barred, and legally imported Hollywood content regulated, pirated DVDs and CDs are thriving openly in local markets in Dhaka. The grey market of movie piracy is costing the Government hundreds of crores of taka in revenue each year as this is the principal cause of keeping public away from Cinema halls.

We encourage the public as well as the government to declare war against piracy as it was done in countries like Singapore and India. If movie lovers boycott pirated DVDs and start visiting the theatres we are willing to put all our efforts to bring in the latest Hollywood flicks. However we are in the process of offering you some latest Hollywood blockbusters like "Sahara" and "XXX2" by September provided we get permission from Bangladesh Censor Board.