Vol. 5 Num 395 Thu. July 07, 2005  

Remove Jamaat leaders from cabinet
Dargah Mazar Fed urges govt

Bangladesh Dargah Mazar Federation, an alliance of 'Sunnis and followers of Tarikat', yesterday called on the government to remove the Jamaat-e-Islami leaders from the cabinet.

It also demanded enactment of a law to punish those who show disrespect for Pirs and saints and to ensure the security of the mazars.

The alliance, in its first public gathering at the Engineers' Institution auditorium, also vowed to form a political party and set up a private satellite channel to uphold the true teachings of Islam and mystic footsteps of the Pirs and saints.

Speaking at the gathering, the Federation leaders blamed the Jamaat, a member of the alliance government, and other organisations, who regard Moududi as their religious leader, for spreading propaganda against Pirs and spiritual leaders, bombing the Islamic shrines and poisoning the creatures at Bayezid Bostami and Hazrat Shahjalal mazars.

Urging all devotees to turn the mazars into forts, Federation President Nazibul Bashar Maizbhandari warned the government that they would paralyse the capital if Jamaat or their followers attack a single mazar in the country in future.

He also placed a six-point demand that includes exemplary punishment to US soldiers responsible for desecration of the Holy Quran, cancellation of Waqf Ordinance and establishment of an Islamic university.

Habibul Bashar Maizbhandari urged the Sunnis and followers of Tarikat to form a common platform and to unite against the Jamaat, terming it as the enemy of the state.

Saifur Rahman Nizami, former chairman of Ahle Sunnatal Jamaat, and Farrukh Zaman Khan, organising secretary of Jaitya Imam and Khatib Parishad, also spoke.