Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  
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Bahrain sentences 2 Bangladeshi killers to death

A Bahraini court sentenced two Bangladeshis to be executed for killing a Bahraini woman as part of a plan to steal her money, handing down death penalties rare in the Gulf state, newspapers reported yesterday.

Jasmine Anwar Hussain, 23, and her boyfriend Mohammed Hilaluddine, 33, were condemned to death by a firing squad, but allowed to appeal against their sentence.

They were convicted of smashing Latifa Abdulla Abdulaziz's skull with a pickaxe then crushing a plank embedded with nails into the side of her head and face.

Hussain was a maid in Abdulaziz's house, where they searched for valuables, but found little.

Newspapers quoted the judge as saying the crime was the worst he had ever seen in the country.