Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  

Aslam just a ball boy!

When the players' list for yesterday's Premier Football League match between Abahani and Farashganj was handed over to the journalists, many eyebrows were raised as Sheikh Mohammed Aslam's name appeared on it.

Surprisingly, Aslam -- one of the best strikers of the country -- was included in the Abahani team list as a ball boy.

Many club officials, otherwise barred by restriction to sit on the bench, enter the ground in name of physicians, interpreters or even ball boys who are allowed in the ground.

For instance, Mohammedan assistant coach and former national goalkeeper Mohammed Panir has used the disguise of the team doctor to get into the ground while Abahani's former football manager Subhash Some did it as a ball-boy on previous occasions.

But naming their former national striker Aslam as a mere ball boy, Abahani perhaps, went too far.

Aslam, who in the end did not sit on the bench, is one of the three members of Abahani's technical advisory committee for the football team. The other members of the recently formed committee are former national winger Kazi Anwar and coach Delwar Hossain Jhontu.