Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  

Govt plans to set up 6 special tribunals
1.67 lakh cases on vested and abandoned property still pending

The government is planning to set up six special tribunals in six divisions to settle the pending cases related to abandoned and vested property.

An inter-ministerial meeting last week discussed the matter and decided to remove the bottlenecks for quick disposal of the cases, sources said.

Ownership of around two lakh acres of vested and abandoned property is yet to be settled and the lands could not be returned to the real owners due to legal loopholes and lack of a district-wise list of the properties.

A total of 167,355 cases regarding vested and abandoned property are now pending, of which 166,294 cases are under the Ministry of Land.

The government is also planning to resume the process of selling unsold and abandoned business establishments now under government possession, officials told the meeting held at the law ministry conference room.

High officials of the ministries of land, commerce and housing attended the meeting chaired by law secretary.

Sources said the government has so far sold out 721 abandoned commercial ventures but failed to sell 341 units due to cases pending in courts.

Besides, the ownership of 1,153 vested residential houses could not be settled due to logjam of cases in the settlement courts, the sources said.

The cabinet had taken a decision back in 1992 to introduce a new law for quick disposal of the cases, but the decision is yet to be implemented.

An inter-ministerial meeting held in February this year decided to identify the obstacles faced by the ministries to settling the disputes.