Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  
Letters to Editor

A sad experience

I went to Dhaka University for getting a recommendation letter from one of my ex-teachers for fulfilment of a requirement of a scholarship in a South Asian country. But as ill luck would have it, I had very little time in hand as I got the letter of the ministry of establishment rather late. All of a sudden, I saw one of my favourite teachers in his room. In spite of being his student both at the Honours and Masters level, I had to re-introduce myself as one of his ex-students. Finally, he allowed me to enter into his room. After my entrance when I informed him of my intention to meet with him he seemed to be extremely annoyed and threw a question towards me, which was surprising. He asked me how I dared enter into his room as according to him a third class magistrate was guarding his room at that time. In fact, he was having fun with me. Although I am a first class magistrate I had to tolerate his derisive remarks and control my temper with utmost patience, as he was my respected teacher. Eating humble pie of all those insulting and satirical words I sat there for quite a long time in the hope of getting his recommendation because I had only some hours in hand for submitting the form to the ERD. After whiling away some valuable moments he diverted his discussion to another matter. He asked me whether I could give any piece of khas land to him. When I replied in the negative he pointed his finger to a junior teacher of another department. My respected teacher then asked him whether he required any land and if so then he should communicate with me. At last he refused to give me the recommendation, as he was too busy on that day.

My question is, can't they be a little more generous?