Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Dr. David Cheesman

Welcome to Bangladesh Dr. David Cheesman! Welcome! In response to your letter dated July the 10 in The Daily Star, I would like to put some points to ponder.

In recent years terrorism is the matter of greatest concern in the world. Who doesn't know how much devastation was made on the 9/11 in the US? But in my opinion, it will be a great mistake if you put all the responsibilities on the shoulder of Bin-Laden or any other al-Qaeda or terrorist Muslim groups. The question to ponder is who or what made them so? Why there have been so much red-alert in some counties and not in others? If we call Hitler of Nazi Germany and Mussolini of Italy dictators and terrorists, what will we call a modern Bush? Why did the British people allow (we respectfully refer to the age-old British democracy and strong public opinion) their Prime Minister to join and support the US which has the record of carrying on random interference, attacks, killings in several countries like long 18 years of war in Vietnam, Korea etc and now in Iraq? Why do they poke their nose in the developing countries on the pretext of giving aid, which are less aid and more interference? Why in the name of globalisation arms, scrap and banned goods are being exported to these countries?

I appreciate, Dr David, the alms given by you for the flood victims. By the way, we the Bangladeshis have a long tradition of communal harmony. Thank you very much, I welcome you again in Bangladesh.