Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  
Letters to Editor

A miracle?

Sometimes you can't help but feel the oppression of the decadence that looms beneath the surface of our daily lives. Some are positively a result of warped souls' depravity while some are 'gifted' to us. I talk about the total halt that our lives seem to come to, every now and then, (more often now than then). Between the floods and hartals and political uproars, the corruption that has now vitiated the core of our existence, and the total lack of honesty and integrity amongst every other businessman, where are we all to go? What are we all to do? This is nothing more than an expression of despair and frustration that waits patiently like a creeping predator, ready to pounce on us all.

I don't see any future for our country, let alone a bright one. We are selling our country, selling our souls....what's next? But I will say this much that only in Bangladesh can you truly feel the blessing of miracles... how? well isn't it a miracle that amidst such chaos and corruption and dishonest practices, an apparently dysfunctional country still functions?