Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Why call it an upset?

Keeping one hundred and forty million people glued to the TV set for a superb show of batting , bowling and fielding, our cricket team defeated the Aussies--the invincible! After this glorious victory, as usual, everyone including cricket analysts, commentators and cricketers have started labelling this victory as an upset. Ricky Ponting, the skipper of the Australian team, said to the journalists that it was one of the biggest upsets that ever happened in the cricket world. However, I strongly disagree with him. I do not think that it was an upset at all. If we call it an upset, we are certainly undermining the all-out efforts of our cricketers that they made to achieve this victory. In other words, by calling it an 'upset', we are making our cricketers less confident than they should be. Upsets do not occur every day. So our cricketers needed to believe that it was not an upset, rather it was possible only because they outplayed the Australians in every department. They ought to realise that they have enough potential and they are competent enough to defeat any cricket playing nation. Bangladesh are not new in this cricket world. Now it is time for us to show what we have learned so far.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it may be called a 'Big Surprise' or a great 'Comeback' since our cricketers have not been in their form for quite a long time. Now it is their duty to keep up the show and make us proud. They may not win the next match but I hope they will fight like real tigers.