Vol. 5 Num 400 Tue. July 12, 2005  

Q & A
" I would like to enact a cold-blooded killer in a'whodunit' thriller. " -- Ferdousi Majumdar
Calling Ferdousi Majumdar 'the first lady of Bangladeshi theatre' would not be an overstatement. Very few young women from educated-conservative families dared to be a part of theatre when she stepped in. Her performances in Meraj Fokirer Ma, Payer Awaaj Paowa Jai and Akhono Kritodash will always keep her alive in the hearts of theatre aficionados. She played all the characters in the play, Kokilara, a first of its kind in the history of Bangladeshi theatre. She is also one of the pioneers among TV actresses. TV audiences still remember her performances in drama serials such as Shongshaptak and Ami Tumi Shey.

What is Ferdousi like in real life? Here's a glimpse:

What is your most treasured possession?
My daughter Tropa.

A character you desperately want to play..
I would like to enact a cold-blooded killer in a ‘whodunit' thriller.

Something about you that your fans might not know..
I don't opt for characters who resemble me. It's just not challenging enough.

Who are your favourite actors?
Golam Mustafa, Abdullah Al Mamun, Humayun Faridee, Subarna, late Najma Anwar and Aly Zaker. I must mention here that I was often amazed by Najma's seriousness when it came to acting. She had everything, including costumes and make up, down to the last note.

Best compliments you have received...
I play a basti (slum) dweller in Akhono Kritodash. After a show in Chittagong, a man asked me, "Did you live in a basti at some point of your life?"

My character in Payer Awaaj Paowa Jai commits suicide after some dialogues. Actor Al Mansur used to say, "I attend every show just to see this particular scene."

After being to a show of Dui Bon, late Jahanara Imam said to me, "I thought your tears would never stop."

You are widely recognised as...
Hurmoti from Shongshaptak, even after all these years.

A shocking experience...
At a performance staging of Tomrai at the Mahila Samity stage, a dog, out of nowhere walked up to the stage. Abdullah Al Mamun and I were in the middle of a very seriou s scene and I was so startled to see the dog, I couldn't think straight. To help me, Mamun kicked the dog gently so it would go away.

Any regrets?
None whatsoever.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
I don't believe in planning. I live in the present and that's what I'm always concerned about.