Vol. 5 Num 400 Wed. July 13, 2005  
Letters to Editor


Problems created by beggars are very serious in Bangladesh. The problem is not so acute in the villages as it is in the cities. In Dhaka city, beggars in traffic signal points obstruct smooth movement of the vehicles. If they happen to see any foreigner on the road in a car or walking on the footpaths, they start dogging him or her and make him/her vexed, sad and even mad for a coin. It tarnishes the image of the country. I have little objections against those beggars who are helpless, lame and crippled and blind but those who are not destitute and penniless, and take begging as profession, are really a big problem and a great disgrace for the country. Occupying the important points of the city like traffic signals overbridges, places of worship like mosques, footpaths, parks, market places and bus stands, they start begging. They make the environment polluted by spreading dirt and filth.

The following remedies are suggested for solving the beggar problem:
(i) All the beggars should be caught by law enforcing agencies and sent to vagrant shelters.
ii) They should be given vocational training and be engaged in works according to their skills.
iii) Begging in cities should not be allowed.
iv) After enacting law, violation of it should be severely dealt with.