Vol. 5 Num 404 Sat. July 16, 2005  

How much do you know about Blogs?

EVER wondered how much a web-log or 'blogs' could provide you with information as collective as a compiled book and as informative as a newspaper? Definitely your presence has not been as pleasant as a blogger on this day if you are not aware of it.

Yes, blogs today seem to have created a revolution in communication. Breaking all the communicational divide and restrictions in the society and also at the cyberspace where you may not have the freedom to share your own opinions, blogs create the space for your ideas or a podium for your creative presentation that could even take the attention of many roaming in the worldwide web.

What is a blog?
Name it an online diary or a never-ending newspaper column or for that matter a discussion on topics of current affairs or may it just be a trivial personal profile or a family message board, blogs have made its mark in the cyberspace in a grand manner and are here to stay for long. As easy as creating an online group or may be a free email account you could obtain a space for your own blog to deal with your thoughts.

Blogging benefits
Wondering how you may be benefited? Blogs can help you with your own enquiries as you find replies from people, establish your ethics at your space and let people know about your personality, find new friends from various sources, share your ideas and opinions with your colleagues prior to raising your voice at any meeting and most importantly a platform to exchange information. From amateur blogs to a professional level to the extent of CEO's address to shareholders, customers and even responding to recent criticisms of a company, blogs are now a craze.

How to get your blog started
May be now you are wondering how you make one for yourself? One of the most popular and free hosts is, bought by Google in 2002 and more recently MSN has also started offering MSN Space at http://spaces.

You will often find links of one blog pasted in several other blogspotsthis is a way of inviting bloggers to your own blog and create a good number of members posting in your blogspace. Those of paid blogs or may you call it a professional blog, you will find all the resourceful information which you would have never realised unless you had the fortune.

Blog stories
While making this review I had gone thru' several blogs and here I bring you with some of the best blogs StarTech has recognised. To start with, I must take you to a blog which has been to my surprise. Asif Imtiaz, a student of GED (General Education), has developed his own blog at It is nothing unusual than any other blogs but as I mentioned earlier that creativity is what matters most when you are given an opportunity and this boy has taken the full advantage of it. He handles his blog in a manner as a 24/7 news pastes with his personal views and reviews on regional and national issues that are making difference in the country.

Rezwanul Islam's 'Third World View' at http://rezwanul. is another blogspot talking about the happenings in Bangladesh and on international matters in most recent times.

"I have been overwhelmed by the power of blogs. With blogs I am able to express myself from personal matters to current affairs. I realised that there is a misconception about Bangladesh amongst many people in the world. Because of lack of information people generally tag Bangladesh to only the negative headlines", said Islam with the passion to change this misconception. Today he finds an average of 94 visitors per day according to his site-meter.

For music fans definitely has been a popular website for song downloads, upcoming concerts, review on albums and moreover blogs for members' open discussions and postings on various issues that are regularly updated for many music fans, which can be found at

While some being very serious with their blog tasks, some are pretty much casual on their blogs writing about their own feelings and emotions and experiences they have come across.

Moving on to the professional blogs, ZDnet, a technology based news and information magazine has its own blog (http://blogs. with selected top notch contributors writing columns regularly for the information society. Here you can learn about the changes in global technologies and various analyses.

More to the surprise has been Marc Orchant's http://microsoft. titled as 'The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog'. If you are really curious about what Microsoft has been up to in recent times, then this blog has some real information in store. Orchant, chair for the workforce education alliance at New Mexico information technology & software association, is a prolific blogger who contributes in this blog with collective information on software reviews, analysis and release dates.

Talk about global wireless development, at you will find all the current research and information regarding the moves towards the adoption of wireless connectivity just as I found out US Indianapolis International airport is all set to go wireless with Wi-Fi access to passengers.

Microsoft developer network (MSDN) has its own blogs ( to share views, inside stories and meetings that different members of MSDN blogs had come to know in recent times.

Earning from blogs
More for your knowledge, blogs let you a source of earning as well but for that you got to have a good number of visitors hitting at your blog. Well this is how it works--- when you create a blog at Google's or may be any other, you can apply at Google's AdSense who will verify your blog and see the prospect of placing an ad in your blog. If they find it satisfactory you will receive an approval letter. This will make your blog more of a commercial space.

Blog security
For a complete freedom in your posts at blogs like the way Imtiaz and Rezwan have done, you should not let your identity completely on focus unless you are confident enough to bear the challenges. For instance you can simply let your email address and the first or last name of yours to let people an introduction about you but you can do further if you aren't of those activists of political issues or backbiters of your seniors.

Cutting off to these blogspot reviews I should say you make your own choice on those you want to visit as there are so many blogs now over the net. But finding the right ones become difficult because you may not find them at one go.