Vol. 5 Num 416 Thu. July 28, 2005  

Folk musical soiree in Barisal

The artistes of the Palli Baul Samaj Unnayan Sangstha(PBSUS) organised a musical soiree recently at Barisal Zilla School, Government Girls School and Brojomohan High School. A large number of school-going boys and girls took part in the programme by dancing and singing.

The participants needed to be better informed about the country's mystic poets such as Lalon Fakir, Hason Raja, Radha Romon and Bijoy Sharkar. Equally, there was room for increasing their knowledge about traditional musical instruments. Some people described the sarinda as an esraj, others as a dotara, while still others identified it as a violin. The programme sought to bridge this information gap by orienting enthusiastic students with 10 types of traditional musical instruments.

The director of the American Centre Jonathan Sebra presented the audio CD titled Matir Pinjira to the participating schools. Sebra said to the students, "You don't have to ignore your culture and heritage. You should learn to love and respect your culture. In the age of globalisation, the culture of many countries will face aggression. Bangladesh may face similar situations. The American Embassy intends to be a part of this development by promoting the authentic culture and heritage of Bangladesh".

The president of the organisation, Ferdousi Nazma presented a detailed account on Baul and folk singers. Ultimately the new generation will benefit from such countrywide awareness programmes.

Baul singers perform at Barisal Government Girls School