Vol. 5 Num 417 Fri. July 29, 2005  

Short Take
Nacholer Rani at the Censor Board
Based on the life and struggle of the rebellious Santal leader Ila Mitra, the film Nacholer Rani has been forwarded to the Censor Board recently. Directed by Syed Wahid-uzzaman Diamond, newcomer Shahana Shumi portrays the role of Ila Mitra. The other actors are Ripon, Kajol Majumdar, Tapan, Sajjad and Mamo Murshed.

Diamond is very optimistic about his debut venture. As he says, "I am fully satisfied with the production and the performances of the artistes even though they are newcomers. It was a risk working with the fledgling actors but I was not disappointed. The performers gave their best and proved their talent on celluloid."

Nacholer Rani is the story of a woman who took up the cause of the Santals in 1950. She was married to the zamindar of Ramchandrapur in Nachol. However, leaving her lavish and secure life behind, she fought for the Santals, who were often ill-treated by people of her status. For her dedication to their cause, she attained recognition as an uncrowned queen and was given the title Rani-ma (Queen mother), by the Santals.

The shooting of the film ended April last at the Barendra area of the country. "About 450 Santals participated in the film," says Diamond. "It was quite an experience working with them. For instance, during the shooting of a war scene, the Santals were asked to shoot arrows only after they were given a signal. However, the over-enthusiastic Santals started shooting arrows indiscriminately and the cast and crew had to take cover somewhere else.

Imon Shaha composed the music for the film, while promising singers Ivana and Anima De Costa performed the songs. The background crew comprised talented people like cinematographer Akhtar Hossain and editor Manir Hossain. Diamond hopes that the film will be appreciated.

A scene from the movie