Vol. 5 Num 418 Sat. July 30, 2005  

Brave Rajibul
His courage and wit an example to follow
Let's try to imagine a horrific scene -- throat of a boy as young as eight years of age being slit by his abductor and the helpless boy desperately trying to save himself any way possible. Well, it's not a scene from a gory, mindless movie, but a real incident that has taken place in Dhaka last week. And the brave boy named Rajibul Islam lived to tell the story. His courage, his will to live, his bravery have sown us that a slight quick thinking in such dire circumstances can save us. It's simply amazing to know that Rajibul could still strike a plan in his mind sustaining severe pain in his half-slit throat to outwit his abductor by feigning death! Even the grown ups fail to think straight while facing imminent death. And here an eight-year old summoned up enough courage to think of a strategy to save himself. He kept his wits about him and struck the life saving plan.

What is disgusting is the reason for his abduction and subsequent cruel fate. According to reports, a local goon called Palash had demanded Tk 4,000 from Rajibul's father as extortion money, and when he did not receive it, he apparently decided to teach him a lesson by abducting his young boy and probably killing him. A ruthless, inhuman criminal like him must not be allowed to roam around freely because of the threat he poses to the community. We demand his immediate capture and exemplary punishment.

At the same time we cannot simply wash our hands off from the responsibility we have towards building a safe and secure society for our children. Because resistance for such criminality must come from within the community and society. Law or police alone cannot solve the problem. Finally we express our sympathy to Rajibul and appreciate his wit and sustainability along with his luck for the miraculous way he was rescued from a remote area. People like him become examples of bravery among children. He perhaps belongs to the ivy league of those whose courage and valour place them in a rare niche in history.