Vol. 5 Num 418 Sat. July 30, 2005  
Letters to Editor

Whither the European union

The European Union (EU) is no longer working as a union. Now EU stands for Europe un-united. The influx of new smaller members from Eastern Europe has created more problems (the philosophy of economic adjustment) than it has solved (sabotaging the draft EU constitution, and un-workable EU budget).

When big powers decline, the zaminderi pride lingers, and the tendency to act unilaterally creates system losses in the flow chart. France and Germany are in this predicament; and UK (across the English Channel, and former lord of the mighty British Empire, and now president of EU in turn) has a different angle of vision (Blair pointed out where was European unity when 22 million Europeans faced unemployment).

The latest attack on London [7/7] has confused the situation further; with a British think tank pointing out that Blair pillion riding [on motor bike] with Bush in Iraq is an indication of perdition ahead.

The third world (South) should be mentally prepared for a reverse-migration backlash. The doubling of the oil (energy) price is going to adversely affect both the North and the South. The industrialised countries are facing two separate problems: unemployment and shortage for manpower (workers); while the cost of living, services, and products (in the factories) would go up in the developing countries. [What is Bangladesh doing for greater utilisation of her vast energy reserves (gas and coal), for reducing the import of fuel oil? Add lack of political consensus at the national level.

In a changing global situation, one problem is dovetailing into another, and the head of governments have no respite to tackle the accumulative historical mess created since industrialisation created economic barriers, followed by communication gaps between the haves and the have-nots.

Where are the global leaders with telescopic vision?