Vol. 5 Num 418 Sat. July 30, 2005  

Art expo online

Promising to keep the city dwellers updated on current and upcoming fairs and art-exhibitions, claims to be the first of its kind to administer such an intention of pulling forth all such articulated news in front of the general population, hence creating a unique sense of attention towards such criteria.

Although the site carries a lot of focus on exposing the happening fine arts scenario of the city, at the same time it also lists all fair related information, thus broadening its viewpoint.

"Eventually we are looking at presenting an exhibitory focus through the site, but we will still consider keeping the fair related information linked inside the site," said Sujit Kumar Saha, proprietor of the site, while emphasising on how there is a subtle sense of similarity between fairs and exhibitions.

"Fairs will range from educational, technological, home-appliances and many other categories and a wide range of versatility goes for fine-art exhibitions as well," Saha added. The fact that both fairs and exhibitions require the exhibitor to make a display of his or her objective, let it be a computer monitor, or, for that matter, a colorful masterpiece on canvas, which has initiated Saha to combine the two schemes together under the roof of one single site.

To administer the purpose of the site, Saha has to keep a constant and keen eye on newspapers and magazines, and yet sometimes reach out for the organising companies. "It is easy to find out what is going on through various art institutions," said Saha, gasping on the fact that the reciprocal is sometimes true when it is about fairs. "Mostly the bigger names are arranging such fairs and to get through to them to collect information on fairs is a tough job," Saha claimed.

Saha is also completing his Masters in Graphics Designing from the University of Developing Alternatives (UODA). He also runs a media based company, named 'DamuMedia'.

Though currently the site does not exhibit any commercial aspects through advertisements of the fairs and exhibitions, the site administrator has not completely extinguished such possibilities in recent future.

For the art-conscious non-resident Bangladeshis the site plans to open a forum in the future, which will contain news and information on exhibitions.

Currently Saha is working on collecting names of art based academic institutions and universities around the nation and getting them listed on the site, while he also mentioned that in recent times, the site will contain lists of art-oriented jobs in the city.