Vol. 5 Num 420 Mon. August 01, 2005  

Wrishij celebrates Fakir Alamgir's 40 years in music

Fakir Alamgir has firmly established himself as a popular singer of the masses. His songs manifest the mass movements and the sorrows of common people. Indeed songs such as Iskul Khuila Se Re Moula, O Sokina Gasos Kina Bhuila Amarey and Ma-er akdher dudher dam are still very popular among the older generation, while youngsters are also interested in the genre. Very few artistes have reached the zenith that Fakir has in the Gono Sangeet (Songs of the masses) genre.

Wrishijo Shilpo Goshthi organised a programme to celebrate the eventful 40 years of Fakir's singing career at Bangladesh Shishu Academy Auditorium on July 30. The chief guest of the event, noted singer Kalim Sarafi said, "Fakir Alamgir belongs to the masses. His songs speak of common people. His distinct style of presentation and the range of his voice are what attracts me."

The programme was presided over by renowned director of TV plays Atiqul Haque Chowdhury, while cultural personality Kamal Lohani was the special guest. Kamal Lohani said, "I can clearly remember Fakir rendering Gono Sangeet in various localities in Dhaka motivating the people to stand against all kinds of social injustice during the pre-Liberation era. Fakir's tireless efforts through the course of 40 years to uphold the vibrancy of Gono Sangeet is commendable."

Fakir Alamgir stepped into the music arena in 1966. He played a vital role in 1969's Gono Abhbhutthan (a mass uprising) and became a singer of common folks. During the Liberation War he joined Swadheen Bangla Betar Kendra as a Shobdo Shoinik (A soldier associating a war with his words)

Talking about his long journey in the musical arena, Fakir said, "I embarked on my career as a singer of Gono Sangeet and I'm still continuing with this genre. However, because of increasing commercialisation all around, our music is often turned into a commodity, losing its earthy appeal. It is high time we take initiatives against this trend and revive our heritage not just for our sake but for the sake of the new generation."

Fakir then performed his widely popular songs such as Daam diye kinechhi Bangla and Iskul khuilachhey rey maula. He also performed Abdur Rahman Bayati's immortal song Mon amar dehoghori. In his long innings as an artiste, Fakir has rendered his songs throughout the world and received many prestigious awards like Ekushey Padak, Bhashani Padak, Sequence Award of Honour. Here's hoping Fakir will continue to entertain and move his audience for years to come.

Fakir Alamgir performing at the show