Vol. 5 Num 423 Thu. August 04, 2005  
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Don't vote for those who don't go to Sangsad
PM tells rally

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia yesterday urged people to elect their representatives who have worked and will work for them in future, discarding those who don't go to the parliament.

"What is the benefit of electing someone who does not go to the parliament," she questioned while addressing a public meeting at Kapasia Pilot High School ground in the afternoon.

Khaleda, who visited Kapasia to inaugurate Fakir Majnu Shah Bridge over the river Shitalakhya, said, "You have to evaluate under which government people have been better with ensured development."

She expressed her confidence that people will once again vote the BNP to power in the next general elections for the development and welfare programmes.

"Realising this, the opposition party is hatching conspiracy in the name of reforming the caretaker government system," she said.

"People now do not believe in street politics," Khaleda said, mentioning that the BNP has ensured parliamentary democracy and made the parliament the focal point of development.

Criticising Awami League's propaganda at home and abroad against communal harmony in Bangladesh, the prime minister asserted that religious harmony prevailed in Bangladesh with people of all faiths enjoying their festivals with due fervour and gaiety.

"This party (Awami League) is spreading propaganda but is unable to draw the attention of the foreign countries," she told her audience.

The BNP chairperson blamed the main opposition for not keeping their word time and again.

She also recalled Awami League's joining election under the autocratic government although all the parties in the movement had taken the stand not to go for election under the autocratic government.

Prime Minister Khaleda Zia offers Munajat after inaugurating Fakir Majnu Shah Bridge over the river Shitalakhya at Kapasia in Gazipur yesterday. PHOTO: PID