Vol. 5 Num 437 Thu. August 18, 2005  
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Hasina points her accusing finger at PM, govt

Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina yesterday squarely blamed the prime minister and her government for the series of bomb blasts across the country.

"The bomb attacks were made at the instigation of the prime minister. She left Dhaka for China giving green signal to carry out the blasts. The Khaleda-Nizami government must have to answer to the people," Hasina said.

"Realising very well that people will not cast votes in their favour in the next general elections, the government has carried out the bomb attacks in a pre-planned way to create an unstable situation in the country," she alleged.

While talking to journalists on the ferry on her way back to Dhaka from Tungipara, Hasina, also the leader of the opposition in parliament, pointing her finger to "Hawa Bhaban" said the incidents of bomb blasts took place at the direct patronisation of that bhaban with the government assistance.

"Without government's involvement no one can carry out such an incident of a series of bomb blasts at 63 districts at a time," she said.

The opposition leader said the home ministry confined the high officials of law enforcement agencies, including police, Rab, Cheeta and Kobra, in a room in the name of holding a meeting and carried out the attacks so that the 'operation' could take place smoothly.

"After one year of the 21 August grenade attack, the government is yet to arrest anybody. With carrying out today's bomb blasts, they prepared another plot to kill me," she alleged.

"Is there any government in the country? Are there any law enforcement agencies in the country? What are they doing? Or is it a signal of deep conspiracy?" she questioned.

Hasina urged people to find out the perpetrators who carried out the bomb blasts.

She also urged people to launch a united movement to form a democratic government though holding a free and fair election by ousting this 'autocratic', 'failed' and 'corrupt' government.