Vol. 5 Num 442 Tue. August 23, 2005  

New TV serial Megh Rang Meye

Promising director Taher Shipon has directed playwright Masum Reza's 26-episode TV serial Megh Rang Meye, which will be aired on ntv in October.

Shipon said, "Though Masum Reza lives in London, during his last visit he gave me scripts of 10-episodes of the serial. He completed scripts for the rest of the episodes in England."

On the plot of the serial, Shipon said, "The play follows the Western trend. Megh Rang Meye is a love story with a twist. Sadrul Pasha, a young artist, is in love with a mysterious girl named Meghla, but simultaneously he is after the money of another girl named Mouri. At one stage Pasha kills Meghla and intends to marry Mouri. When his wrongdoing is unveiled, the play veers to a tragic end."

Shahed Sharif Khan performs the role of Sadrul Pasha in the play. Aly Zaker, Ahmed Reza Rubel, Joya Ahsan, Tanvin Sweety are in the other major roles in Megh Rang Meye.

Shahed and Joya in the play