Vol. 5 Num 443 Wed. August 24, 2005  

Aug 17 Blasts
PM calls for unity to foil 'conspiracy'

Indicating recent serial bombings, Prime Minister Khaleda Zia yesterday said conspiracy against Bangladesh started when the country is making progress and the world community is saying that the nation is attaining advances in many sectors.

"Their conspiracies will not be successful if we remain united," she asserted talking to the members of Bangladesh Hindu Bouddha Christian Kalyan Front who called on the prime minister to exchange greetings on the occasion of Janmastami (birthday of Lord Sri Krishna) to be celebrated on August 26.

Reiterating that Bangladesh is a non-communal state, Khaleda said all Bangladeshis, irrespective of faith, have to work together for consolidating the hard-earned democracy and further advancing the country.

"Our main identity is that we all are Bangladeshis," she told the front leaders and asked them to stand against an organisation which is trying to spread "propaganda and attempting to paint Bangladesh as a "failed state'".

She urged the members of the Hindu Bouddha Christian Front to remain alert against the "conspirators".

The front leaders in their deliberations said conspiracy is being hatched against the country to hold back its advancement.

Those who want to "paint Bangladesh as a 'failed state' may be involved in the recent bomb explosions", the leaders stated. They observed these incidents are political and should be tackled politically.

State Minister for Religious Affairs Mosharraf Hossain Shahjahan, State Minister for Water Resources Advocate Gautam Chakraborty and former state minister and advisor to the front Nitai Roy Chowdhury addressed the function. It was attended, among others, by Prime Minister's Political Secretary Harris Chowdhury, Dhirendra Nath Saha MP and front leaders from all over the country.

Hindu Bouddha Christian Kalyan Front's central committee members, including Dr Paresh Chandra Mandal, Babu Dhirendra Nath and Gautam Kumar Mitra, also spoke on the occasion.

The prime minister greeted the members of the Hindu Community on the occasion of Janmastami and assured them of all-out support of her government for their welfare.

She recalled that people from all faiths fought together for the independence and said every individual has equal right in the country.

"BNP has restored multiparty democracy, democratic rights of the people and is progressing with the same conviction," she told leaders of the three religious communities.

Referring to some demands of the Hindu Bouddha Christian Front leaders, the prime minister said her government has always provided jobs for people of all faiths and religions on the basis of merit and talent and assured that the process would continue.

The prime minister held another meeting with Janmastami Udjapan Parishad (Lord Sri Krishna's Birthday Observance Council) of Chittagong at her office. The parishad leaders invited the prime minister to their festival.