Vol. 5 Num 452 Fri. September 02, 2005  

Zahid Hasan's new TV play
The shooting of the single episode TV play Pobet directed by Shahidul Islam Mintu is complete and is now on the editing table. Actors Zahid Hasan, Bannya Mirza, Abul Hayat, Ahsan-Ul-Haque Minu, Ratin, Rafiqullah Selim and child artiste Fahad play the central characters in the play. Mohammed Emdadul Haque has penned the story. Moksud Jamil Mintu is the music director.

Pobet has popular actor Zahid Hasan in the eponymous role of a petty thief while Bannya Mirza plays Paribanu, Pobet's wife. The couple live in a village in North Bengal. The story revolves around the social and political situation during the Liberation War. Pobet joins a military training camp to participate actively in the war.

Asked for his reaction, Zahid said: "The shooting of Pobet was a very pleasant experience. I got the chance to work with director Mintu as well as Bannya Mirza. The play did well and I'm really happy about it. I had a very well etched character and that made things easy. It was stressful to play a complex character that goes through a major transformation. The Liberation War brings a change in him. I believe my personality suits such roles. I want to do more performance-oriented roles."

E&E production has produced the play, which is soon to be aired on BTV.

Tania Ahmed's new TV play Alo Amar Alo
Talented model-turned-actress Tania Ahmed acts in a new TV serial Alo Amar Alo. Under the banner of UNICEF, the serial is a part of an awareness programme dedicated to ensure primary education for children. Scripted by popular writer Anisul Haque and directed by celebrated artiste Abul Hayat, the shooting of the serial is almost complete. The protagonist in the serial fights for the rights of children's education in her village where many of the parents are reluctant to send them to school.

Apart from Tania, the 26-episode serial also features popular silver screen actress Champa. The latter takes a cue from her real life image--she enacts the role of a famous filmstar in the play who helps Tania to carry on her fight against illiteracy. Popular actor Jeetu Ahsan plays the lover of Tania while Saleh Ahmed is the headmaster of the school. The serial will soon be aired on BTV.

Destination Beijing with Arun Chowdhury
Arun Chowdhury has completed the shooting of his special single-episode TV play Muhurto for the coming Eid-ul-Fitr and a 13-episode TV serial Shat Jan Jatri recently. The shooting of both the plays was completed in different venues in Beijing. The serial made for BTV, written and directed by Arun Chowdhury, features Tauquir Ahmed, Shams Shumon, Litu Anam, Pallab, Mahbuba Islam Shumi, Deepa Khondokar, Romana and Mukti. This is the story of seven passengers with a common destination who meet en route to Beijing. They become good friends although they have different goals. The play also recounts the story of several expatriates living in Beijing.