Vol. 5 Num 467 Sat. September 17, 2005  

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Semifinal of Lux-Channel i Superstar

The brand name Lux, has been synonymous with glamour and stardom for decades. Partnering with Channel i, Unilever has planned a detailed contest that will provide opportunity for young ambitious women to make an entrance into the world of stardom and glamour.

The semifinal of Lux-Channel i Superstar contest was recorded on September 15 at Bashundhara Star Cineplex Auditorium in front of a live audience. Young women from all over the country participated in the preliminary rounds and twelve were chosen by the three judges: noted actors Subarna Mustafa, Tariq Anam and talented dancer Shamim Ara Nipa, for the semifinal. The twelve semifinalists: Juthi, Antora, Chaiti, Navila, Rumana, Shanu, Shomy, Sriti, Suma, Tanny, Tisha and Jyoti will fight it out to get their shot at the grand finale. The fate of the contestants rests not only on the judges, but also on the TV viewers. The viewers will get a chance to vote for their favorite contestant through SMS.

Talking about beauty and aspirations, one of the semifinalists, Juthi stated, "Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I myself, find beauty in everything around me. God has created a beautiful world and we must appreciate everything about it instead of emphasising on the flaws. If I win the pageant, I will get involved in charity works as well as activities to generate social awareness. However, if I don't win the crown, I will make full use of the month-long training session where we were given lessons on grooming not only our appearances but also our talents. I'll make sure that I emerge as a winner in other walks of life."

It should be mentioned that the girls are being trained by noted Indian choreographer Deepti Gujral.

Antora, another contestant is seriously preparing for the pageant. Asked how she is going about it, she said, "Besides fitness, maintaining a wardrobe and preparing for the interviews, there are elements such as voice therapy and above all being at peace with oneself to be confident. We often think that beauty pageants are superficial but very little of my preparations have been beauty oriented. It is more about connecting with my inner-self and being real. It is certainly exciting and at times overwhelming."

Hosted by Kushum Shikdar and singer Tahsan, Lux Channel i Superstar will be aired tonight at 7:50pm on Channel i.

The semifinalists smile for the camera