Vol. 5 Num 476 Tue. September 27, 2005  
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Notre Dame, City College, Viqarunnisa top the Gpa-5 list

Notre Dame College, Viqarunnisa Noon (VN) College and Dhaka City College came out first, second and third respectively in terms of securing the highest number of Grade Point Average or GPA-5 in this year's HSC examinations under the Dhaka Board.

The top 10 institutions include Holy Cross College, Dhaka College, Motijheel Ideal School & College, Residential Model College, Rajuk Uttara Model School & College, Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Rifles Public School & College, and Dhaka Commerce College.

A total of 2,168 students appeared in the HSC examinations from Notre Dame College, out of which 683 candidates obtained GPA-5, followed by Viqarunnisa Noon College from which 1,098 candidates appeared and 307 obtained GPA-5.

From Dhaka City College 1,537 candidates took the exam and among them 168 secured GPA-5. From Holy Cross College a total of 150 obtained GPA-5 out of 499 candidates.

A total of 728 candidates appeared from Dhaka College and 135 of them obtained GPA-5. From Ideal School and College, Motijheel a total of 912 candidates appeared out of which 133 obtained GPA-5.

From Residential Model College a total of 410 candidates appeared out of which 109 obtained GPA-5. From Rajuk Uttara Model School & College a total of 480 candidates appeared and 102 obtained GPA-5.

A total of 654 candidates appeared in the exam from Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Rifles Public School & College, out of which 96 obtained GPA-5. From among Dhaka Commerce College's 904 candidates, 71 obtained GPA-5.

Jubilant GPA-5 winner HSC candidates of Notre Dame College, accompanied by their principal, flash V-sign yesterday. A total of 683 students from the college secured the feat. PHOTO: STAR