Vol. 5 Num 479 Fri. September 30, 2005  
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Haque Brothers fined for second time

A mobile court yesterday fined Haque Brothers Limited for the second time for not mentioning net weights on the packages of some of their biscuits.

The court also filed a regular case against the company, situated in the Tejgoan commercial area, under the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) act for not using an expiry date on biscuits named 'Narangi'.

However, Selim Uzzaman, assistant general manager of Haque Brothers Limited, denied the allegation of not using an expiry date and has decided to contest the case directly in the court.

The court, led by Magistrate Rokan Ud Doulah, fined the company Tk 5,000 under the existing weight related ordinance for not mentioning weight measures on the biscuit packages.

The same court raided and fined Haque Brothers Limited Tk 50,000 last June after finding that many of its biscuit packages had no expiry date.

However, Rokan Ud Doulah expressed his satisfaction after observing better conditions during the second raid on the factory.

"During our first raid on Haque Brothers Limited last June, we found a huge number of biscuit packages without an expiry date. But this time we found the number of such packages has significantly reduced," Rokan Ud Doulah told journalists.

Another mobile court of the Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) raided the factory of AP Dhaka Limited, an herbal products and medicine company at the city's Armanitola, and fined them Tk 36,000 for having an unhygienic factory environment and for not using an expiry date on the packages of some of its products.

"Production at the factory is going on in a century-old building, making its overall environment very unhygienic," said Mosharraf Hossain Milon, a DCC food and sanitation officer who was also with the mobile court.

The court, led by Sheikh Hamim Hasan, also found that the factory's ghee and rosewater lacked expiry dates.

The court confiscated for testing AP 's honey, pickle, tomato ketchup and juice, suspecting that the items are mixed with hazardous colours and flavours.

Three other mobile courts also raided different restaurants in Gulshan, Fakiraful and Tejgoan, filing 18 cases and fining them Tk 2,53,000 for keeping unhygienic kitchens and running their businesses without a license.

Raiding the Gulshan area, a mobile court led by Magistrate ABM Abdul Fattah found a number of restaurants running their businesses without any license or with fake licenses. The court fined them Tk 90,000.