Vol. 5 Num 479 Fri. September 30, 2005  

Foreign buyers urged to ensure rights of garment workers

Garment Sramik and Shilpa Rakkha Jatiya Mancha, a forum of garment workers, yesterday welcomed the foreign buyers at Batexpo and urged them to ensure fair trade for establishing the rights of garment workers.

At a rally in Muktangon in the city, the leaders said if fair trade is not established it will be difficult to implement the rights of workers.

Referring to their five-point demand presented to the Labour Minister on July 12, they said the Minister had taken no initiative to implement them even three months later.

The wages of garment workers had not increased in the last 14 years despite the price hike of essentials, they added.

Garment owners are exploiting them, which in turn could lead to anarchy in the industry, they warned.

They threatened to go for strike if their five-point demand, including fixation of minimum basic wage of Tk 2500, is not implemented.

The National Platform for Protection of Garments Workers and Industry forms a human chain at Muktangan in the city yesterday demanding an increase in the wages for garment workers. PHOTO: STAR